Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poor Poopsi

This is a pic of Kenzie (Poopsi) and my son Lance (21 yrs old). He is a great uncle. He took Kenzie to the Father Daughter Valentine Dance at school since her father isn't in the "picture". When the dance came up, Kenzie asked me, "Well who will take me since my dad doesn't even come to see me?". I held it together till I was away from her, then I started to bawl. When I told Steph, she cried and told Aunt Courtney and the guys at the gym and they all started crying and saying, "I will take her, we will all take her!" When I told Lance he said, "I am going to take her." and he did. What a guy. This isn't why I said Poor Poopsi...she is very blessed to have so many people in her life that love her. This pic just reminded me of the story.

The reason I said Poor Poopsi is because she is having her adenoids out and new set of tubes put in her ears in the morning. It's really more poor Nani and poor Mommy. We are trying to remain calm. It's minor day surgery. Oh no, minor surgery is what happens to other people's children! She will still have to go under and get her little throat cut on. I will be fine till the nurse takes her back and then the irrationally scrared grandmother will take over till they bring her back out. And yes she will get the princess pampering plan. Steph will be going by Build a Bear today to get Pixie (Kenzie's pink poodle) a "Scrubs" outfit. She has to be appropriately dressed while accompaning Kenzie into the operating room...there's those words again...operating room!
Breathe, just breathe...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today begins the 100 day count down to Alaska! WooHoo!! Here is a pic of our room on the Pearl. Notice the balcony? Yes, we have a balcony! The excitement builds. Oh, and did I mention that room service is free?

You can order coffee, etc. when you wake up. Sip it while taking in the view on your balcony and then go to breakfast at the buffet later. OMG!! Heaven, I'm in Heaven....
Here is a pic of the pool deck.
Don't know about the pool, but I certainly will be soaking in the hot tubs! All the scrimming and saving for this trip will all be worth it. The buzz word for this trip is relaxation. No kids, grandkids or husband. Just pure relaxation. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but sometimes you just need peace and quiet and letting your mind turn to jello. Next year Stephanie (my oldest child and Kenzie & Mekhi's mom) wants us to take the kids on a Disney Cruise. No jello mind there. Better enjoy this! Here a pic of Steph.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Debit Card Fiassco

I told you in an earlier post that everyone says that Janice and I were seperated at birth. Well, here is another example...this could only happen to us...After being at the nail salon on Friday evening we decided to go to a local Mexican food restaurant. We had the same thing, so when we paid the bill we handed them our debit cards and ask them to put half on each. We bank at the same bank and our cards are identical accept for the name on them. They hand us the cards back, we put them in our billfolds and go home. Next morning, Sat., Steve takes my card to the Kolache Hut and buys Kolaches. Janice and I had planned to go to Archivers and scrap all day. After she picked me up we went to Starbucks where I treated her to a Grande Cinnamon Dulche Latte...used my debit card. We proceeded to Archivers in Cedar Park (about an hour away), scrapped, had lunch at Texidelphia...paid with our debit cards. Scrapped all the rest of the day and then paid our tab with our debit cards. Did Sunday things like grocery shopping, etc. A few minutes ago while I am working, Janice calls and tells me to get my debit card out and look at it. Friday night at the restaurant the waiter had mixed up the cards and NO ONE, including us noticed. We were laughing our (_!_)s off. Tonight we will have to get together and figure out who owes who what. Only Thelma and Louise!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gotta Brag

Michael, Courtney and Kenzie

Have I mentioned how proud I am of my daughter, "adopted" son, granddaughter and all the girls at the gym? Courtney and Michael opened their cheerleading/tumbling gym, with the finanical and physical support of some wonderful folks, less than a year ago. They began with only 4 girls that had ever cheered before, 1 girl who had been a gymnast, and several other girls who could barely turn a cartwheel. They took the girls from rank beginners to a National level team in these few months. At our last competition we missed winning Nationals by a few points. This is almost unheard of in the cheer competition world.
Courtney and Michael are so patient with these girls and love them so much. They have trained and nurtured these girls into giving their best every time they go on the floor. The gym always has a positive attitude...even when stunts aren't hitting and counts are off and no one can remember the dance. The girls are encouraged to dig deep and practice and pull it together and they always do!

The name of the gym is LoneStar Elite in LaGrange, Texas. Here is a pic of Kenzie, Courtney and Cami (granddaughter of Dale and Mike whose finanical and physical support made the gym possible). You can see by their faces how much love and happiness is in this gym.

Proud Nani

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Reading "The True Unalaska" this morning and pondering chocolate as a whole food I remembered our trip to Dylan's Candy Bar in the Galleria. Dylan is Ralph Lauren's daughter and owner of five very distintive candy stores. There is one in New York, East Hampton (funny I didn't see it when I summered at the Hamptons last, Garden City, Houston and Orlando. So whenever we go to Houston and are anywhere near the Galleria we go to Dylan's. The store and the candy are unbelieveable!!

My fav is the DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED EXPRESSO die for. I also love the DARK covered pecans (pronounced pacons in Texas, not peecans like in the deep south), brownie bites (tiny pieces of brownie covered in choc), well...pretty much anything covered in DARK chocolate is my fav. (She says drooling) I have become a Chocolate Snobb. I didn't mean too, but if it's not DARK it just isn't as appealing to me anymore. Besides doctors say DARK is better for you, can cure cancer, clear up pimples, help you lose weight...maybe I took a few liberties...

Check this out...

Dylan's Clodhoppers...couldn't you just dive in and eat your way out??? Excuse me, I'm now taking a coffee and candy break...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shore Excursions in Alaska

Jackie, Betty and I booked our shore excursions this morning. I actually already had a couple of mine booked, but we nailed the remaining ports down. There are litterially so many to choose from that it makes the decisions difficult. Here is what I decided on:

In Juneau I am going on a 4 hour photography tour. Hope I get that new camera before I leave!! We are suppose to see Beaver Dams, Eagles, possibly Bears (on my), etc.

In Skagway we will take a Trolly tour in the morning and learn the origin of the town, etc. and then...

The White Pass Railway in the afternoon. Everyone says this is not to be missed.

In Ketchikan I am going out on the Aleutian Ballad Crab boat. She was on Deadiest Catch before becoming a tourist attraction. She has gotten great reviews!

One of our last tours will be in Victoria British Coloumbia where we will tour the town and Craigdarroch Castle...hope it's haunted!

When we return to Seattle we hopefully will be able to take the under ground tour and see anything we missed the first day and a half we were here before boarding the Pearl. Of course I want to see Fisherman's Terminal and hopefully see any Crab Boats that are docked...Northwestern, Erla N, etc. I would love to visit the Lockspot, etc. OMG, how am I going to contain myself till June??? Oh, maybe by working...naw! It really is a challenge to keep my mind off the cruise and Alaska. Especially when I go on "Just a Mom in Unalaska" and "Dutch Harbor Dirt" blogs. Thanks Mel and CB!! I really do enjoy hearing about life in Alaska and seeing the beautiful pics they post. Alaska must be the most beautiful place in the world...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's, Alaska Cruise meeting, cheer comp.

These are the mice we made for Kenzie and Mekhi's classes for Valentine's Day parties. They are so cute and very easy. The kids always love them.

Friday afternoon we left for Bellville where I would attend a meeting about my cruise to Alaska with my two BFFs who are going with me and then on to Houston for Kenzie to compete in a National Cheer Competition.

We met up with Jackie and Betty for dinner at a wonderful Mexican Food place in Bellville. Yummy! After that we went to the meeting. A representative of NCL began by showing us a short little video and then began to talk about the cruise. She was not very inspiring or exciting. Didn't take long to figure out that she was not all that knowledgeable. Since she has been doing this for years you would expect her to know what she was talking about. The travel agents who are planning this group excursion were a little more helpful. Finally I saw an opening in her talk and began to ask all the questions I had written down and the meeting took on a different tone. Betty, Jackie and I were laughing amongst ourselves and concluded, by the others that were there, that there would not be much group interaction. We are fun gals and will be off on our own recking a good way. After my questions had been answered suffiently, we were off to Houston.

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo accross from the Galleria. What a fun hotel. If ever in Houston, try to stay there. You won't be dissappointed. Here's a pic.

The first day (Sat.) of Nationals Comp was prelims. The girls performed better than they ever had and we thought they were probably in about 5th place. There were some really good squads there. After prelims we went for a bite to eat and then to Harwin Street. Harwin St. is a street of shops in Houston where you can buy anything and everything for a GREAT price. Import shops galore. I have a wholesale license and shop there whenever I get a chance because my price is even cheaper. I spent wayyyy to much money. I did get a new set of luggage (which I desperatly needed) for my cruise...Zebra with red piping, new purses and lots of chunky jewelry in turquoise and bling. Love it!

While shopping Courtney (my daughter who's gym Kenzie cheers for) called us crying and said the girls were in 2nd place by only .005 point! OMG!! We were so excited. These have only been cheering together for 1 year and only 4 had ever cheered before or competed. That is just unbelievable! The girls nevers got a little shakey in finals on Sunday and we had a couple of bobbles. The first place team did the same, but the third place team held it together. The third place team won and we got third. We were still so proud of the girls for coming this far in one year!! They got medals and were proud of themselves. Now it is back in the gym to learn more skills before competition season begins again next Oct. Now that our first year is over and we have proved ourselves to be a quality gym we will be gettin many new girls for try outs in March. Here is a pic of Kenzie flying in her basket toss...

Tutaloo for now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I really began this blog to chornical my trip to Alaska via NCL's Pearl in June 2009. Excitement overcomes me whenever I think about my trip and the fun to be had. And when am I not thinking about it? I am going with two dear friends and have been planning this trip for about a year. Alas, Janice (AKA Thelma) can't go. I would give my right arm for her to go with us, but understand why she can't. I love her family like my own, but they sure put a cramp in our! Janice and I have been best friends for a few years now and contend we were seperated at birth. Anyway, Jackie and Betty (my other two scrapbook buddies) will there to amuse me. You know we all have to wear depends when we are around each other so as not to have an embarressing think I am kidding, don't you. Here is a pic of where we will be going...
...Alaska's Inside Passage. Some of the most beautiful landscape in the world...I am in my "happy place" now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thelma and Louise

My avatar is a picture of my BFF, Janice and me at the Creating Keepsakes University in Houston a couple of years ago. I am the one in the pink sunglasses. People got together to form dorms...ours was "Texas Scrap Trash". We went with the trailor trash theme. We found ourselves surrounded by camera wielding scrappers all wanting a pic of us. It was my one moment of! Janice and I have a scrapbook business named "Thelma and Louise's Get A Ways". We hold scrapbook retreats and scrap for hire. We have been so busy that we very have time to scrap for ourselves. We love every minute of it though!!

Besides scrapping, my other love is traveling. I will be cruising to Alaska in June. Check back for more about that. I may even get to see some Deadliet Catch guys if I am in the right place at the right time.