Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just wanted to post a few of the pics from the Frio River. This is our little cabin at River Band. It is really nice with a full kitchen and sleeping porch. We just love staying here. The people are so friendly and it is a family oriented camp.

This is a pic of Kenzie on a boogie board going down a small rapid at the swimming hole. There were no big rapids this year. We are hoping with El Nino coming to visit this fall maybe there will be lots of rain to fill the river back up. Here is Mekhi swimming in the river. He is becoming a good little swimmer for a four year old.

This is a picture of the river from the camp ground. This area used to be really deep, but now the little kids can play in it safely with water only about up to their waist. They loved it.

Here is a picture of the Glenn Girls' toes. We just love us some pedi!!

Here is Steve (hubby) who actually took a few days off the golf course to come to the river with us. He had to leave early (Mon.) to come home for a work related training and then off to the golf course.

More later...