Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have been here, just drowning in life. Since August life has been crazy. The main event was the stressful birth of my new granddaughter Saydee. She was born to Courtney, my middle child. Courtney has always been physically fit, an All Star Cheerleading Coach by profession. She is not a complainer or someone who gives into pain, etc. I thought she would breeze right through her pregnancy and birth. Wrong! I forgot about the drama side to Courtney, it seems to follow her. At 27 weeks she was put on hospital bed rest with sever preeclampsia. She was so sick that I was concerned for her life. She held on for three long weeks of spiking blood pressures, sever head aches and terrible nausea. I spent much of the time at the hospital with her so her husband could continue working and because you want your mommy when you are so sick. Finally at 30 weeks the disease progressed to the point of no return. The doctors did an emergency C-section (which is the only cure for preeclampsia). Saydee was fine, very little (2lbs 12oz), but fine. After 7 very long and stressful weeks in the NICU Saydee finally came home. She now weighs almost 7 pounds (at her original due date) and is such a blessing.

This was the first time I got to hold Saydee.

I'll try to write a little more often. I have missed my blogger friends and have been wondering how you all are doing. I will try to read and catch up on the happenings. Sindee