Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have been here, just drowning in life. Since August life has been crazy. The main event was the stressful birth of my new granddaughter Saydee. She was born to Courtney, my middle child. Courtney has always been physically fit, an All Star Cheerleading Coach by profession. She is not a complainer or someone who gives into pain, etc. I thought she would breeze right through her pregnancy and birth. Wrong! I forgot about the drama side to Courtney, it seems to follow her. At 27 weeks she was put on hospital bed rest with sever preeclampsia. She was so sick that I was concerned for her life. She held on for three long weeks of spiking blood pressures, sever head aches and terrible nausea. I spent much of the time at the hospital with her so her husband could continue working and because you want your mommy when you are so sick. Finally at 30 weeks the disease progressed to the point of no return. The doctors did an emergency C-section (which is the only cure for preeclampsia). Saydee was fine, very little (2lbs 12oz), but fine. After 7 very long and stressful weeks in the NICU Saydee finally came home. She now weighs almost 7 pounds (at her original due date) and is such a blessing.

This was the first time I got to hold Saydee.

I'll try to write a little more often. I have missed my blogger friends and have been wondering how you all are doing. I will try to read and catch up on the happenings. Sindee

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just wanted to post a few of the pics from the Frio River. This is our little cabin at River Band. It is really nice with a full kitchen and sleeping porch. We just love staying here. The people are so friendly and it is a family oriented camp.

This is a pic of Kenzie on a boogie board going down a small rapid at the swimming hole. There were no big rapids this year. We are hoping with El Nino coming to visit this fall maybe there will be lots of rain to fill the river back up. Here is Mekhi swimming in the river. He is becoming a good little swimmer for a four year old.

This is a picture of the river from the camp ground. This area used to be really deep, but now the little kids can play in it safely with water only about up to their waist. They loved it.

Here is a picture of the Glenn Girls' toes. We just love us some pedi!!

Here is Steve (hubby) who actually took a few days off the golf course to come to the river with us. He had to leave early (Mon.) to come home for a work related training and then off to the golf course.

More later...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


This will probably be my last post before we head to the Frio River on Sat. morning. I am off work tomorrow and will spend the day at the grocery store, packing and doing all the necessary prep. That is the hard part. I have many list and lots of packing to do. You are always worried that you will forget something. My favorite part is getting in the Tahoe and starting to unwind. At that point if I forgot something it's too late to worry about it. I can not wait to get my toes into that cold spring fed river. Stephanie saw pics of the river from a week ago and said it still looked pretty good. The radar is showing they may be getting some rain today, but I am not holding my breath. The biggest shock will be to my in-laws from Colorado. My sister-in-law posted this morning that it was 53 and raining in Denver. Heifer! What was she thinking posting something like that for us heat stroked out Texans to read. The revenge will be when they try to acclimate to the Texas Heat. LOLOLO!!

We have so many fun things planned to entertain ourselves while there. Most do not involve being in the sun except when we are sitting in the cold river. Campfires and somores at night, but it will be a little cooler then.

The grand kids (and the kids) are on pins and needles waiting for time to leave. I will have my little helper Kenzie with me tomorrow, and she might actually be a lot of help. I have her doing the running around gathering up stuff. She will love it. Too bad she won't want to put things back when we get home. I will have to use her while I can. I'm sure everyone will disappear when we get back and start cleaning up and putting away. Isn't that always the way??

I'll have lots of pics and stories when I get back.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It is with much sadness that I write this evening. Heather, was only 30 years old, had a two week old baby girl, 7 year old daughter and a loving husband. After the birth of her precious daughter she developed a staff infection which took her life within days. It is almost unbelievable. Heather and her husband Jeremy graduated with my oldest daughter Stephanie. Jeremy works with my son Lance. Heather's mother is a good friend and was my middle daughter, Courtney's, first grade teacher. We know it is not our place to ask why, but it is so hard to understand why this young woman was taken. Heather was so sweet and never had an unkind word for anyone. She worked at the bank here in our small town and was loved by all who knew her. My heart goes out to this family and to the father who will have to raise his two little girls without their mother.


Bob told Steph that he got bummped from World News Tonight last night, but they told him he would be on there tonight.

Monday, July 27, 2009


My daughter, Stephanie (AKA Dutch to the F/V Northwestern bunch) works for the Lower Colorado River Authority in water services. Her office is right across from Bob Rose's office (the LCRA's weather guru). She just emailed me that Bob is going to be on World News Tonight and on Good Morning America tomorrow morning talking about our Texas drought.

When ever anyone here in my office wants to know about the weather (especially when storms are coming, etc.) we call Steph and ask her, "What does Bob say?" He send out alerts, etc. to the employees at LCRA to keep them up to speed on weather issue. Other weather persons in the area also depend on Bob for his knowledge.

As you know, summers in Texas are hot and dry anyway, but this summer has been brutal. We have been over 100 almost every day this month with little or no rain in months. I will be very interested to hear what Bob will have to say. I know I am miserable and it is so hard to keep our homes cool even with central air. If you want to see what I am always complaining about, be sure to watch tonight or in the morning.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


After much discussion about the river status and the heat, etc. we decided to take our chances and go to the Frio as planned. This family can have a good time anywhere. I believe in my heart that it will rain before we go, she said with her fingers crossed. We are planning meals now and who will cook what, when etc.

As I said ,we will be having a Pan Cake Cook Off while we are there. I have already downloaded the I Hop recipe for all time favorite pancakes. I will be taking home that trophy!! First I have to make the trophy. I am going to get a small skillet and either paint or do something to signify what it's for. Each year you must bring it back and defend your title. Not sure if we will be doing anything for the other winners.

I think for the meal my family is responsible for we will do Gormet Hamburgers with all the trimings. Mushrooms, thich sliced bacon, avacados, etc. Sounds yummy to me. Just can't wait for somores, funnel cake...oh, I!

Glad we decided to go anyway. It would have been a let down after all this anticipation. Just 15 more days...