Thursday, July 16, 2009


After much discussion about the river status and the heat, etc. we decided to take our chances and go to the Frio as planned. This family can have a good time anywhere. I believe in my heart that it will rain before we go, she said with her fingers crossed. We are planning meals now and who will cook what, when etc.

As I said ,we will be having a Pan Cake Cook Off while we are there. I have already downloaded the I Hop recipe for all time favorite pancakes. I will be taking home that trophy!! First I have to make the trophy. I am going to get a small skillet and either paint or do something to signify what it's for. Each year you must bring it back and defend your title. Not sure if we will be doing anything for the other winners.

I think for the meal my family is responsible for we will do Gormet Hamburgers with all the trimings. Mushrooms, thich sliced bacon, avacados, etc. Sounds yummy to me. Just can't wait for somores, funnel cake...oh, I!

Glad we decided to go anyway. It would have been a let down after all this anticipation. Just 15 more days...

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  1. I'm guessing I'll be in charge of grilling the burgers since I'm the master griller at our house!