Monday, July 27, 2009


My daughter, Stephanie (AKA Dutch to the F/V Northwestern bunch) works for the Lower Colorado River Authority in water services. Her office is right across from Bob Rose's office (the LCRA's weather guru). She just emailed me that Bob is going to be on World News Tonight and on Good Morning America tomorrow morning talking about our Texas drought.

When ever anyone here in my office wants to know about the weather (especially when storms are coming, etc.) we call Steph and ask her, "What does Bob say?" He send out alerts, etc. to the employees at LCRA to keep them up to speed on weather issue. Other weather persons in the area also depend on Bob for his knowledge.

As you know, summers in Texas are hot and dry anyway, but this summer has been brutal. We have been over 100 almost every day this month with little or no rain in months. I will be very interested to hear what Bob will have to say. I know I am miserable and it is so hard to keep our homes cool even with central air. If you want to see what I am always complaining about, be sure to watch tonight or in the morning.

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  1. know it's hot when at 6:00pm it is still 100 degrees out! We did get some rain today--very little, but it was at least moisture! You guys have been getting hammered with heat lately too...stay cool!