Thursday, July 30, 2009


This will probably be my last post before we head to the Frio River on Sat. morning. I am off work tomorrow and will spend the day at the grocery store, packing and doing all the necessary prep. That is the hard part. I have many list and lots of packing to do. You are always worried that you will forget something. My favorite part is getting in the Tahoe and starting to unwind. At that point if I forgot something it's too late to worry about it. I can not wait to get my toes into that cold spring fed river. Stephanie saw pics of the river from a week ago and said it still looked pretty good. The radar is showing they may be getting some rain today, but I am not holding my breath. The biggest shock will be to my in-laws from Colorado. My sister-in-law posted this morning that it was 53 and raining in Denver. Heifer! What was she thinking posting something like that for us heat stroked out Texans to read. The revenge will be when they try to acclimate to the Texas Heat. LOLOLO!!

We have so many fun things planned to entertain ourselves while there. Most do not involve being in the sun except when we are sitting in the cold river. Campfires and somores at night, but it will be a little cooler then.

The grand kids (and the kids) are on pins and needles waiting for time to leave. I will have my little helper Kenzie with me tomorrow, and she might actually be a lot of help. I have her doing the running around gathering up stuff. She will love it. Too bad she won't want to put things back when we get home. I will have to use her while I can. I'm sure everyone will disappear when we get back and start cleaning up and putting away. Isn't that always the way??

I'll have lots of pics and stories when I get back.

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