Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr. Visit, Kenzie's Performance, Pearl

Happy Thursday everyone. Just got back from the doctor and no ear cleaning. They were clean as a whistle. She did give me some new allergy meds to keep the congestion out of my ears which would cause sea sickness more readily than the outer ear. Dr. Stephanie also said they she recommended Bonine for for sea sickness prevention. Good call Sharon (Alena's Mom). Check that off the list.
Kenzie performed in her school's talent show. She played her violin and did a wonderful job, especially since she has only been playing since January. Everyone expected her to do a cheer leading routine and tumble. She surprised everyone with the violin. Of course Nani (that's what they call me) was ever so proud.

Y'all haven't seen Pearl in a while. She is getting so big. Kenzie can barely lift her now. Here is her Cheerleader photo. Of course you know it's all about cheer leading at our house. She had fun doing her photo shoot. You look at pics of dogs like Zelda, etc and think, "I can do that." NOT! It's not as easy as it looks. Kenzie and I were worn out by the time we got these pics and only this one and one other one came out cute. Puppies are a bundle of energy.

Seven days not counting today till I leave. I still have so much to do. At least I think I do. I am hopefully going to tie up all the loose ends this week end. It is really bitter sweet though since Janice (BFF) can't go. What will we do apart for 10 days. Her husband even ask her what she was going to do without me. At least my phone will work and be free as long as I am land and hopefully I will continue to blog. I can not wait to get to Seattle and have lunch/dinner (we haven't decided yet) with that "special" person I have been hinting about. I will have pictures and details after it happens. Very Cool! When I went to the doctor my blood pressure was elevated...ya think! The anticipation is killing me. I almost can't believe it is me going to Alaska. Just Breathe....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was looking at a card I have hanging in my office sent to me by one of my cruise buddies. In her note she said she can't wait till Alaska...but we would have to dream of it for another 11 months. OMGosh! Now it is 11 days till we fly to Seattle. It's so hard to believe that in 10 days I will be driving to Bellville to Jackie and Betty's and then flying to Seattle the next morning and then boarding the NCL Pearl the next day to leave for Alaska. My mind is a'swirling.

CD, when are you going to be in Seattle? Any chance we will be there at the same time? That would be cool. On one of the blogs (sorry I forgot which) she was talking about the great item and great prices in the Pike's Market. Can't wait to check that out. There are so many things I can't wait to check out!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I can not believe it is Wed. already...not that I am complaining mind you. Not with a 3 day week end coming up. There was nothing but solid drama around my house last week end and the first of the week. You know the saying..."You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps"? That so applies to my house. Sat. morning early while I was getting the last of my scrap booking stuff together, my husband comes into my scrap studio and ask, "How many more days till the cruise"? Before I could really get a word out he said, "June 7th is no longer our anniversary (34 years), it's the day your ship sails." Without missing a beat I said, "And y'all better hope I come back" and continued to carry my stuff to the front porch to wait for Janice to pick me up. I tell you they just wear me out! I am either mediating or counseling or fixing a situation or a hundred other things. I think I just need this time to renew my mental strength for the next go '!

Speaking of my favorite topic...16 days till I leave. I was all about the list and spread sheets, but I need to actually start doing and checking off the things on those list. I have researched Sea Sickness on the internet and one of the things they said was to have your ears cleaned to help your inter ear. I'll try anything, so I made a doctors appointment for that. Not that i think my ears are necessarily uky, but i am leaving no stone unturned. When I am at the doctor I will ask about the patch, etc. Thanks to Alena's mom for the suggestion about the Bonine. I already picked that up. I still need to go to GNC and get some Ginger Pills. So, I think Sea Sick is covered. And the saga continues...

Happy Hump Day,

Friday, May 15, 2009


It is finally Friday. Whezzz this has been a long week. Tomorrow Thelma and I are going scrap booking at Achievers again. I have an order I have to fill by next week and I need some embellishments. It is dangerous to scrap where you can get up and shop to your heart's content...but it fun dangerous.

Yesterday my Dermatologist told me he went on the same Alaska cruise that I am going on. He was telling me how much he loved it and how much fun I am going to think? He was telling me to take a warm jacket because it will be very cold on Glacier Bay, etc. I was just going to pack a couple of light jackets (blue jean, rain, etc.) but he suggested something much more substantial. He went in July. So, I guess I will rethink that. It is always good to talk to someone who has actually been where you are going. Tomorrow will be exactly 20 days till I leave.

Hope everyone has a relaxing week end,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Night TV

Well, it's finally Tuesday again and looking forward to a great night of TV. I just received an update from the Deadliest Crew (official DC Fan Club) and tonight, as I predicted, is gonna get rough. On the Deadliest Crew website there is a short video of tonight's show. We are used to seeing Edgar looking like this...but tonight he isn't a happy camper and Jake gets some back lash. Looks like it's gonna be a humdinger. Gonna get my bath early, get in my jamies and settle in for two hours of excitement...DC and Out f the Wild!! I just love watching those starving, struggling
people stagger through the Alaskan territory in the cold and muck, from the comfort of my recliner. The other night they ate a porcupine! I love watching it, but wouldn't want to do it...LOL!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, 25 more days

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. You know what Zelda says...

Just love me some Zelda! Yesterday was spent doing laundry, watching the Deadliest Catch Mother's Day Marathon, going to the Home Depot for a new shower head, etc. Just another typical day in the suburbs. It's the sameness that makes the special times special ~ Olivia Walton. I have had enough of the sameness of the day to day dogma and am ready for special times...25 more days!!! till I am off on my adventure. I began packing things into my hugh Zebra suitcase yesterday. You know the kinda things I will need for the cool climate of the trip, but couldn't wear here in Texas right now if I wanted too. I am using the military style of packing. Neatly rolling everything to reduce wrinkling. Shoes and rain boots at the bottom (when it is standing up right). Carefully checking everything off my list and thinking about how I can make an outfit with each piece (nothing fancy, just casual and comfortable). I am still hoping to blog while on the ship. I believe for about $50 you can buy 100 minutes. I know how much my grand kids will love to read my blog and see pics of Nani in Alaska, etc. I justify the charge for the minutes by telling myself how educational it will be for Kenzie and Khi. Mekhi has already had a small melt down over me going. He is 4...well, here he is...
and he doesn't quite get the concept of me going on the big ship. We were watching a special on the Travel Chanel and I said that's the ship Nani is going to Alaska on. He said NO! I don't want you to go! Then went to his mommy and said, I don't want my Nani to go on that big ship. I want her here. Hopefully I won't traumatize him with pics of me so far away. I think he will be excited to see everything in Alaska, though. Mackenzie, who is 8 going on 18, is just ticked because she isn't! We are hopefully going to take them on a Disney cruise next summer. Oh no, another year of scrimping and saving...but it is so worth it in the long run.
Happy Monday,

Friday, May 8, 2009


HOW HOT IS IT IN TEXAS....It's so hot that a puppy has to lay on her back on the cement to cool her back and let her tummy hang!

That's Pearl on the back porch chillin' out. The Dog Days of summer are right around the corner!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hot Texas Weather and Sea Sick

Y'all won't believe how hot and muggy it is here today. I looked on the web and it was 45 degrees in Juneau yesterday. I can not wait to be where it is cool. I just have no energy when the air seems to be pushing you down. Your hair gets all funky, your pitts get all funky and your make up virtually slides right off your face. Hate it!

I was looking up Sea Sick cures on the web yesterday and the two things that are recommended the most are Dramamine (non drowsy) and Ginger. Does anyone else have any suggestions? My greatest fear is to waste my trip hurling and feeling rotten. I have heard that the patch doesn't help any better than the Dramamine and many feel that Ginger is by far the best of all. I do not like the taste of Ginger so I will be getting the ginger pills. I got Sea Sick one time while diving off the coast of Corpus Christi, Tx. and that was the worst sick I ever felt in my life. Even worse than morning sickness.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breathing Easier

OK, I am breathing a little easier about my cruise...Thanks Alena, your words helped. Others helped to calm my fears also. It's exactly one month till we fly out of Houston to Seattle. We will get into Seattle at 10:15 am and have the rest of the day and the next day till about 2:00 to see the sights. We want to see all the traditional sights that tourist go there to see. Pike's Market (where they throw fish), the Needle, etc.

Yesterday after taking Kenzie to her post-op appointment at the doctor, we shopped in Austin for a while. I found some pants and tops on sale at Dress Barn. Luckily I am looking for cool weather clothes while everyone else is looking for extremely hot weather clothes. It is already very hot and muggy in central Texas, so there are some great deals out there. I am consumed with what clothes and shoes to take. I know it's crazy. Just take comfortable clothes that I can layer. But for a clothes horse like me it's not that simple. You know "big" girls have to try harder. It's all about putting an outfit together and the right shoes and accessories. I know, just get over it...wish I could. What to wear on the plane, what to wear on each of the shore excursions, what to wear on the deck in Glacier Bay (probably will be the coldest time of the cruise), what to wear in the evenings on the ship...make it stop!!

Did y'all see Deadliest Catch last night? Oh my, testosterone was a'flying. Hope fishing gets better before someone gets hurt. Next week's preview looks like even more of the same. Uh oh. This could get ugly. There were a lot of new quotes born last!

Another hump day, have a good one!